HDS2 5.1 Home Theater

Product Description

With dolby 2 HD, DTS Master audio 5.1 Sound tracks on Blue Ray players and advancements of good quality receivers we took next step and developed the second generation HDS2. These speakers deliver HD sound. With the extended frequency response, time alignment using a horn load soft dome tweeter to align the voice coils in vertical line, this has given the system superb stereo imaging and pesence.

Front Speakers

The Accusound HD series 2 front speakers are fitted with 4 x 130mm bass drivers using new cone material and new rubber surrounds. The horn loaded soft dome tweeter is mounted at the top of the 4 woofers in time alignment and the speakers have bi wiring.

Center Speakers

The Accusound HD Series 2 center has 2 x 130mm woofers and the same length horn loaded tweeter to match the woofers for time alignment. This center has superb midrange and highs. You can hear every word with ease. The Center again is Piano black and it has twin gold plated terminals.

Bookshelf / Surround Speakers

The Accusound HD Series 2 have been designed for both stereo bookshelf speakers for people who
want good small stereo speakers or surround speakers in a home theatre system. They have 1 x
130mm woofer and 1 horn loaded tweeter. They are fitted with Bi-Wire terminals. The speakers are
ported to give good bass response and also come with Accusound Slim fit wall brackets for mounting
on the wall. Finished in Piano Black.

Digital Powered Subwoofer


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